TERMOTRAN Basket Strainers remove unwanted materials from pipelines & product. This units are available as Simplex Type (Single Basket) and Duplex Type (Double Basket) for continuous processes where maintainance stops for basket cleaning are not allowed. Available in standard sizes from 3/4" to 2" with screwed connections and from 3/4 to 24" with flanged connections, bigger units under special order.




TERMOTRAN Start-up Strainers are widely used in temporary installations where a pipeline system is being run for the first time, this way new equipment is protected from unwanted materials during the system start-up. After start-up, the strainers are removed easily. This units are avialable as Complete Cone Type, Truncated Cone Type, Flat Type and Tee Type. The Tee Type Strainer can be used as Start-up Strainer or as a Basket Strainer with periodic Basket cleaning.